Welcome to the Health Page! Bramley Road Surgery and Florence Road Surgery, that offers exclusive appointment sessions for University of West London students, is your go-to destination for comprehensive healthcare services. It offers a range of services dedicated to helping you to make the most of student life. The Student Health Center here stands as a steadfast and dependable destination for a diverse range of healthcare services. The Health Centre provide a range of services that are intended to improve your time as a student, with the goal of enhancing your well-being.

Your sexual health matters! At the University of West London, they prioritize your sexual well-being.

  • University of West London, like many universities in the United Kingdom, typically offers sexual health services and resources to its students. Visit our confidential Private Sexual Health Clinic London. These services are designed to provide information, support, and care related to sexual health and well-being.

Take charge of your sexual health and enjoy peace of mind.

Click here for registration information with the NHS.

Mental health is vital for academic success.

At West London, they understand the importance of mental well-being. Their dedicated Mental Health Advisers and Welfare Advisers can help you with advice, information and support. It also bridges the gap between supporting your health and wellbeing and the threshold for access to NHS services.

Take charge of your mental health and enjoy peace of mind.

Looking to stay active and energized?

University of West London Sport and Fitness Centre(UWL Sports Centre) at their St Mary's Road campus, Gunnersbury Park Sports Hub and Ealing Trailfinders are places holding sports facilities at the University of West London.

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Good nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

At West London, they offer a range of dining options to suit your dietary needs. Whether you're looking for vegetarian options, vegan substitutes, or healthy meal plans, the on-campus dining facilities are dedicated to encouraging balanced, health-conscious eating. Healthy and balanced food is given priority at the campus cafeterias.

How to register at Student Health Centre?

Click Here for registration information and the student health website.

Student Health Centre

+44(0)20 8231 2345


The University also work closely with the local Florence Road surgery, and all enrolled students can register with them. They offer exclusive appointment sessions for University of West London students.

At University of West London, you can find local dentists using NHS choices or by calling NHS England on +44 (0)30 0311 2233. Patients need to be registered with a doctor in order to qualify for NHS dental treatment.

Maintain a bright smile throughout your university journey with regular dental visits and personalized care.

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Is there a medical centre on campus?

Yes, University of West London has a dedicated medical center called the Student Hub. It provides comprehensive healthcare services to students, including general medical care, mental health support, and specialist services.

Are there any additional support services for students with disabilities?

University of West London has a dedicated Accessibility Team that provides support services for students with disabilities. They can assist with accommodations, accessibility requirements, and other related support. Contact the Accessibility Team for further information or to discuss your specific needs. To ensure a smooth transition to university you can reach email at: wellbeing@uwl.ac.uk or call +44 (0) 20 8231 2739

Is there a pharmacy on campus?

Yes, there is a pharmacy called West London Pharmacy near the University. They offer prescription services, over-the-counter medications, and general healthcare advice. You can visit the pharmacy during their operating hours to access these services.