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Convenient and comfortable travel with Nottingham City Transport (NCT).

Nottingham City Transport (NCT) stands as the unrivaled transportation powerhouse in Nottingham, commanding a fleet of 300 buses that diligently serve the city's residents with an all-encompassing network of services, operating tirelessly seven days a week. Renowned for its exceptional performance, NCT proudly holds the distinguished honor of clinching the prestigious UK Bus Operator of the Year award an unparalleled five times, solidifying its status as an undisputed industry leader.

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🚌 Efficient Routes: Our extensive network covers a wide range of cities, ensuring convenient access to your desired destinations without any hassle. Click here for your local bus.

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🚌 Student-Friendly Fares: Acknowledging the importance of affordable travel for students, we are proud to offer specially designed discounts and fare options. Our aim is to make travel more accessible and budget-friendly, empowering students to explore new destinations without straining their finances.

🚌 Safety First: We prioritize your safety above all else. Our dedicated team of professionally trained drivers and strict safety protocols guarantee a secure and protected journey for you at all times. Click in order to find out.

🚌 Eco-Friendly Commitment: We're dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. Travel with us and be a part of our sustainability mission. Check

🚌 Digital Convenience: Stay connected with our user-friendly app, allowing you to track buses in real-time, plan routes, and purchase tickets with ease. 

Rely on Nottingham City Transport as your unwavering choice for a journey that guarantees unparalleled comfort, unwavering reliability, and exceptional affordability. Embark on an exploration of our unparalleled service quality by choosing to ride with us today, and experience the remarkable difference firsthand!

Local Taxi Services

DG Cars

Little Tennis Street, Nottingham NG24EL

+44 115 950 0500

Ali Baba Cabs

Nottingham Nottinghamshire

+44 7365444888

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For students residing in the city center, cycling is a popular and eco-friendly option.

Students in London benefit from a bike-friendly environment, featuring designated lanes and pathways. They have access to a range of cycle hire and storage facilities both on campus and throughout the city. Cycling allows them to easily commute to lectures or discover the charming streets of London, enjoying the scenic views and fresh air.

Lime Cycle - E bikes can be seen around Nottingham.

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Nottingham's bus network enables easy exploration in and out of the city.

Buses are the preferred and budget-friendly mode of transportation for NYU students. They can conveniently access real-time bus updates through their mobile phones using unique codes for each bus stop. Additionally, personalized mobile apps are available for seamless bus stop tracking. It is crucial to check the bus's front destination as certain buses may have route variations.

Planning a long-distance trip?

East Midlands Airport, situated in Castle Donington, Derby DE74 2SA, stands as the closest airport to Nottingham Trent University (NTU), a mere 16 kilometers away. NTU students enjoy the exceptional advantage of having a nearby airport that caters to both domestic and international flights. This proximity grants them effortless access to travel home during holidays or embark on thrilling adventures to explore diverse corners of the globe while pursuing their academic endeavors. With its seamless connections to numerous destinations, the airport serves as a gateway to a world of exhilarating travel opportunities for students.

East Midlands Airport hopes to welcome holidaymakers this summer ...

Navigating London with diverse transport choices.

Nottingham is equipped with prominent national railway stations, namely Nottingham Station, Beeston Station, Bulwell Station, and Carlton Station. These stations offer convenient transportation options for travelers coming to and departing from the city. Additionally, Nottingham is facilitated by key bus stations such as Nottingham Broadmarsh Bus Station, Victoria Bus Station, and Queen's Drive Park & Ride. These stations provide easy access to the city center, with multiple Busway services operating from these locations.

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What train services go through Nottingham?

Nottingham boasts a robust train network that ensures outstanding connectivity, facilitated by leading operators such as East Midlands Railway, CrossCountry, Thameslink, and Northern. These operators offer convenient transportation options to a wide array of destinations, including Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, and more. Students can easily access comprehensive route information and schedules through National Rail Enquiries or the official websites of the respective train companies.

How can I explore around Nottingham using buses?

Nottingham's vast bus network offers students convenient and affordable transportation options. Multiple bus routes serve key campuses like Clifton Street, Brackenhurst, Confetti Nottingham, and Mansfield, ensuring easy commuting and city exploration. With regular services and frequent stops, students can effortlessly navigate Nottingham. Stay informed about bus schedules and routes through local operators or journey planning apps for real-time updates.

How does NTU uk Eco promote sustainable trasportation?

NTU campus offers diverse public transport options catering to both motor vehicles and bicycles, both within and outside the campus premises. As part of its sustainability efforts, NTU has been progressively replacing conventional business vehicles with eco-friendly cars and scooters to minimize carbon emissions. Additionally, Easy Cards are provided for convenient short-distance business travel.