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The Study Zone at Nottingham Trent University, situated at Knowledge Cafe on Boots Library at Shakespeare Street, is a comprehensive academic support service. It offers a variety of resources, including workshops, tutorials, and designated study areas like Silent study, Quiet study, Group study, and Group study, all aimed at enhancing students' learning journeys. Whether you need help with time management, essay writing, or exam preparation, the Study Zone provides valuable guidance to ensure your academic success.

For additional information and support, students can visit the Study Zone's office or contact them at +44 (0)115 848 2999.

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University libraries are invaluable assets for students in their academic endeavors.

The Clifton Library, Boots Library, Brackenhurst Library, Mansfield Library provides a wide range of resources including an extensive collection of books, journals, and online materials. It serves as a valuable support system for students, offering facilities for research, a quiet study environment, and the opportunity to borrow textbooks. Students can visit the library's website or contact them at +44 (0)115 848 2175 to inquire about their opening hours and available services. For further inquiries, they can also reach out via email at

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Need help with specific subject areas?

NTU assigns Student Mentors to first-year undergraduate students, providing guidance on study-related skills and helping them settle into university life. These mentors, who are second-year, final-year, or postgraduate students from the same course, excel in their studies and offer support through group sessions and individual appointments. Contact them via email or visit the NTU reception on the library's ground floor. Book appointments through the Student Hub.

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Improve research abilities by participating in workshops and utilizing the resources offered by the university's Researcher Development Program.

Our Research Centres, spanning academic Schools, promote collaboration and bring together experts to conduct groundbreaking research with far-reaching implications. The School of Science and Technology contributes significantly to scientific knowledge, research training, and commercial opportunities. The School of Social Sciences is renowned globally for its theoretical and applied research. Nottingham Law School, with its excellent facilities and renowned faculty, is among the UK's largest and most respected law schools. The School of Arts and Humanities provides a supportive and collaborative environment for innovation and creativity. With a rich legacy of 175 years, the Nottingham School of Art and Design is a leading institution that inspires and pushes boundaries in the world of art and design.

Are there group study spaces available on campus?

The Knowledge Cafe in Boots Library is a popular spot on the NTU campus for group study. It offers various study environments, including Silent Study areas and dedicated Group Study spaces. It's important to note that during exam periods, the library may experience high volumes of students, leading to increased congestion.

How can I access the Study Spaces services at the NTU ?

To access study spaces, One can visit this website for Study Spaces

How can I get technical support for IT services at the university?

If you need IT support, you can either visit the Boots Library and speak with a librarian or access the IT support forum. These resources can assist you with connectivity, printer usage, and timetable synchronization.