Transport information for University of Durham

Scarlet Band offers convenient and comfortable bus travel.

Scarlet Band is a reputable bus operator in Durham, UK, known for its reliable and efficient public transportation services. With a wide range of buses at their disposal, Scarlet Band operates an extensive network of routes that connect different destinations within and around Durham. Their primary focus is on ensuring convenience, comfort, and a pleasant travel experience for passengers. They prioritize punctuality, safety, and customer satisfaction to meet the transportation needs of the local community effectively.

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🚌 Efficient Routes: With our extensive network, you can conveniently reach a wide range of cities, ensuring easy access to your desired destinations without any inconvenience. Click here for your local bus.

🚌 Modern Fleet: Experience a luxurious and comfortable travel journey on our modern buses, equipped with premium amenities to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience.

🚌 Student-Friendly Fares: We understand the significance of affordable travel for students and are proud to provide specially designed discounts and fare options. Our aim is to make travel more accessible and budget-friendly, empowering students to explore new destinations without financial strain.

🚌 Safety First:Your safety is our top priority. Our dedicated team of professionally trained drivers and strict adherence to safety protocols ensure a secure and protected journey for you at all times.

🚌 Eco-Friendly Commitment: Join us in our commitment to sustainability as we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. Travel with us and become a part of our mission to promote eco-friendly transportation options. Click here to see more.

Local Taxi Services

AIRPORT EXPRESS,83 Alnwick Road, Durham DH1 5PD, UK

+44(0)19 1371 2352

Airport Express

WILLS TAXI SERVICES, 18 Lindisfarne Road, Durham DH1 5YQ, UK

+44(0)79 2740 1652

Wills Taxi Services

Train Websites

Northen Trains

+44(0) 80 0200 6060

Northern Rail | View Train Times and Buy Cheap Tickets 2023 | Trainline

Northern Trains operates local and regional train services that connect Durham with other towns and cities within the region, such as Newcastle, Sunderland, Hartlepool, and Darlington.

Moreover, full time students can get the service for just £30 a year, you can get ⅓ off eligible train tickets. To find out more about Student Rail Card visit here.

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City center students often prefer cycling due to its eco-friendly nature.

Durham fosters a bike-friendly atmosphere for students, with dedicated lanes and ample cycle hire and storage options. Cycling facilitates easy transportation to lectures and the exploration of picturesque streets, allowing students to immerse themselves in scenic views and enjoy the fresh air.

E-bikes for environment friendly commute.

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Considering a long-distance journey?

The nearest international airport to Durham, UK is Newcastle International Airport (NCL). Newcastle International Airport is located approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of Durham and offers a range of domestic and international flights. It serves as a convenient gateway for travelers departing from or arriving in Durham and the surrounding region. The airport's excellent connectivity opens up exciting travel opportunities for students at the university.

Durham's bus network allows for convenient exploration within and beyond the city.

Durham students find buses to be a cost-effective and preferred mode of transportation. They can stay updated on bus schedules through unique codes for each bus stop, receiving real-time updates on their mobile phones. Personalized mobile apps are available for convenient tracking of bus stops. It is important for students to check the bus's front destination as routes may vary.

Moreover, to assist all staff and students, the University now has in place an arrangement with Arriva to allow unlimited travel throughout the day on any of their bus services within the Durham District Zone for just £1.50 per day.

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Navigating Durham is convenient due to its diverse transportation options.

Durham boasts prominent national railway stations, including Durham Railway Station, and a well-established bus station, known as Durham Bus Station. These transportation hubs serve as crucial links for travel to and from the city, offering convenient connections to numerous destinations. They play a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of people and enhancing Durham's overall transportation infrastructure.

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What train services go through Durham?

Train services in Durham are provided by LNER, CrossCountry, TransPennine Express, and Northern Trains. Students can find comprehensive route details and schedules by visiting National Rail Enquiries or the official websites of the respective train companies operating in Durham.

How can I explore around Durham using buses?

Durham students enjoy an extensive and affordable bus network, with multiple routes serving the Stockon Road campus. This provides convenient transportation for attending lectures and exploring the city. To stay informed about bus schedules and routes, students can consult local bus operators or use journey planning apps for real-time updates.

How does University of Durham Uk promote sustainable trasportation?

The University of Durham recognizes the importance of sustainable travel in reducing carbon emissions. To achieve this, the university has implemented an Integrated Sustainable Travel Plan (ISTP) for the period of 2020-25. The ISTP outlines objectives and targets that are regularly monitored through travel surveys. The plan provides valuable travel information to support sustainable transportation choices within the university community.