Study resources for University of Durham

Durham University provides a range of study resources across its various campuses. In Durham city, students have access to the Bill Bryson Library, Barker Research Library at Palace Green, and study areas on Level 2 of the Teaching and Learning Centre. These locations offer extensive collections and study spaces to support academic endeavors. At Queen's Campus in Stockton, students can utilize the ISC Library for their research and study needs. These dedicated facilities ensure that students have access to valuable resources and a conducive environment to enhance their learning experience.

For further information and support, students can visit the library office or contact them at +44 (0)19 1334 3042 or even mail them at

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Language Resource Centre at University of Durham

Situated within Durham University's School of Modern Languages & Cultures, the Center for Foreign Language Study (CFLS) offers language learning opportunities to a wide range of individuals. While serving the university's students, researchers, and staff, the CFLS also caters to professionals who require a second language in their professional settings. Additionally, the center extends its services to the general public, inviting them to benefit from their language learning programs. The CFLS is conveniently located at the Centre for Foreign Language Study, situated at Elvet Riverside, New Elvet, Durham, UK.

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University libraries are vital for students' success.

At the University of Durham, a collection of exceptional libraries awaits students, including the esteemed Bill Bryson Library, Baker Research Library, ISC Library, and notable partnership libraries like Ushaw College Library and Durham Cathedral Library. These libraries house an extensive array of resources, from books and journals to online materials. They serve as vital hubs for students, offering research facilities and peaceful study spaces. For details on operating hours and services, students can consult the library's website.

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Juggling multiple subjects and feeling like you need a little extra help?

Don't worry, you're not alone! At Durham, we have a wealth of resources available to support you in your studies and ensure you excel in every subject.

University Support Services: The university offers a variety of support services to assist students in various academic areas:

  • The Learning Centre: Provides academic skills workshops, one-on-one consultations with learning advisors, and resources on topics like study skills, time management, and effective note-taking.
  • Skills Development Centre: Offers workshops and resources specifically focused on developing key academic skills like critical thinking, research, and writing.
  • Subject Librarians: Librarians can help you find relevant academic resources, conduct effective research, and navigate the library's vast collection of materials.

Conducting groundbreaking research with global impact and transformative potential.

The Research Centre at the University of Durham serves as a collaborative hub for scholars and researchers from various fields. It fosters interdisciplinary work, facilitates partnerships with external organizations, and provides support for innovative research projects.

Durham University tackles important issues like disaster preparedness, clean energy, and well-being through collaborative efforts between its Research Centers & Ten Institutes, and external partners. This combined force leverages innovative approaches and cutting-edge research to address global challenges.

Durham ranks 25th internationally in the Times Higher Education rankings, attesting to its global impact. With 90% of its research classified as world-leading or internationally excellent, as per the REF 2021, Durham maintains its reputation for excellence.

How can I access the Study Spaces services at the University of durham?

To access study spaces, One can visit this website for Study Spaces

Are there group study spaces available on campus?

For information on locating study and social spaces, including teaching clusters and their availability for private study, you can download the visit the website for further details.

How can I get technical support for IT services at the university?

The IT Service Desk offers both in-person and virtual appointments at the Bill Bryson Library on Durham Campus and the Queens International Study Centre Library on Queen's Campus. In addition, virtual appointments are available during weekdays.

What is Peer Assisted Learning, and how can I benefit from it?

The Peer Assisted Learning is an is optional Undergraduate peer mentoring programme which matches first year students with experienced second, third or fourth-year students to help and support them throughout the academic year. To get involved and benefit from the program, students can visit Durham's Peer Assisted Study Scheme.