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Convenient and comfortable travel with Dublin Buses.

Go Ahead Ireland, the primary transportation company in Dublin, prioritizes reliability, safety, and enjoyable travel experiences for students. As the largest bus operator in the city, Go Ahead Ireland (GAI) has been providing services under contract to the National Transport Authority since September 2018. With 33 routes in operation, the company pays attention to every detail to ensure exceptional care for students throughout their travel.

Commuter routes – Go-Ahead Ireland

🚌 Efficient Routes: Our extensive network covers a wide range of cities, ensuring convenient access to your desired destinations without any hassle. Click here for your local bus.

🚌 Modern Fleet: Indulge in a luxurious and comfortable travel experience aboard our modern buses, complete with premium amenities for a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

🚌 Student-Friendly Fares: Acknowledging the importance of affordable travel for students, we are proud to offer specially designed discounts and fare options. Our aim is to make travel more accessible and budget-friendly, empowering students to explore new destinations without straining their finances. Click here for information.

🚌 Safety First: We prioritize your safety above all else. Our dedicated team of professionally trained drivers and strict safety protocols guarantee a secure and protected journey for you at all times.

🚌 Eco-Friendly Commitment: We're dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. Travel with us and be a part of our sustainability mission.

Rely on Go-Ahead Ireland, operating under a contract with the National Transport Authority, for a pleasant, reliable, and cost-efficient trip to your desired location. Discover the distinctive level of service we offer by choosing to travel with us today!

Local Taxi Services

Castle Cabs

+353 1 8319000

Castle Cabs Conwy Ltd - Fleet

Pony Cabs

Fitzwilliam Street Lower 7 Dublin D02 Dublin

+353 1 6612233

City Cabs

+353 1 8731122

City Cabs Derry - Derry~Londonderry - Discover Northern Ireland

Checkers Cabs

86 Parnell Street DUBLIN D01 KN77 CO DUBLIN

+353 1 8343434

Trian Websites

Dublin Area Rapid Transit system

+353 1 517 1528

Website link

Dublin Area Rapid Transit Logo PNG vector in SVG, PDF, AI, CDR format

The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) in Dublin is a convenient electric rail system that runs along the picturesque Irish Sea coast, connecting towns from Malahide or Howth in North County Dublin to Greystones, Co Wicklow. Enjoy swift travel with breathtaking views along this coastal line.

For students residing in the city center, cycling is a popular and eco-friendly option.

Students in London benefit from a bike-friendly environment, featuring designated lanes and pathways. They have access to a range of cycle hire and storage facilities both on campus and throughout the city. Cycling allows them to easily commute to lectures or discover the charming streets of London, enjoying the scenic views and fresh air.

eHubs - E bikes can be seen around Dublin.

DME Bikes Ireland – Electric Bikes Dublin

Dublin's bus network enables convenient exploration within and outside the city.

Students in Dublin have a preference for buses as a cost-effective mode of transportation. Mobile phones can be used to access real-time updates for buses, with distinct codes assigned to each bus stop. Personalized mobile applications are also available to conveniently track bus stops. It is crucial to check the front destination of buses, as there might be variations in their routes.

Planning a long-distance trip?

Trinity College Dublin enjoys the advantage of being in close proximity to Dublin Airport, which is located approximately 6 miles away on Corballis Road in Dublin. This conveniently situated airport provides both domestic and international flights, granting Trinity College students the ease of traveling back home during holidays or embarking on exciting journeys to explore different parts of the world while pursuing their studies. With its seamless connections to various destinations, Dublin Airport opens up a world of exciting travel possibilities for students.

Airports in Ireland, codes, arrival info for Irish airports

Navigating Dublin with diverse transport choices.

In Dublin, the city is well-served by prominent national railway stations such as Dublin Pearse, Docklands, Connolly, and Sandymount, offering convenient transportation options for travelers. Additionally, the forthcoming Metrolink project is set to connect North and South city Dublin with 16 stations. Spanning a length of 19.4 kilometers, mostly operating underground, this modern subway system will provide multiple lines, facilitating easy access to the city center from these areas.

Dublin subway map - Map of Dublin subway (Ireland)

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Calls for changes to Dublin Metro following delay | New Civil Engineer

What train services go through Dublin?

Dublin is served by a range of train services, including the DART for coastal travel within the city, Irish Rail's intercity services connecting major cities, commuter services linking Dublin with suburbs, and the Enterprise Service for travel between Dublin and Belfast.

How can I explore around Dublin using buses?

To explore Dublin using buses, utilize Dublin Bus services, consider getting a Leap Card for discounted fares, and take advantage of bus tours. Stay updated with real-time bus information through mobile apps or unique bus stop codes.

How does trinity college dublin promote sustainable transport?

Trinity College Dublin promotes sustainable transport by encouraging walking, cycling, and public transport for commuting. They have a dedicated committee, Healthy Trinity: Smarter Travel Trinity, that focuses on sustainable transport initiatives. The college campaigns for improved walking and cycling infrastructure in Dublin and has set sustainable transport objectives in their Sustainability Action Plan. Progress on these objectives is documented in their Sustainability Report.