International students at Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin, a prestigious university with a rich history of over 400 years, welcomes you. Nestled in the heart of a friendly and secure city, Dublin, which is ranked as the 7th best city globally, Trinity offers a vibrant and multicultural campus environment. The university deeply values the impactful contributions of international students, appreciating their unique perspectives, experiences, and diverse cultures. Trinity warmly embraces students from all corners of the world, providing them with an enriching academic journey.

International Student

International Student Insurance

It is crucial for international students to prioritize having dependable health insurance in case of accidents or the need for medical assistance while studying abroad. With over 20 years of experience, we provide specialized health and travel insurance plans tailored to the unique needs of study abroad and international students. Our plans are globally recognized, offering comprehensive coverage of high quality at affordable rates. Using our user-friendly tool, you can quickly compare international student health insurance plans and find the one that best suits your needs.

TCDSU supports Trinity students throughout their time at the university. The Union is led by elected Sabbatical Officers who take a year off from their studies to represent their peers at both college and national levels. The Union manages various initiatives and services to enhance the student experience. Part-Time Officers, Class Reps, and student volunteers support the Sabbatical Officers in organizing Union activities while balancing their academic commitments. From laptop loans to accommodation advice and club nights, TCDSU is there to assist.

International students can rely on the International Student Services and Support as their primary resource for addressing inquiries and issues. They provide essential guidance on immigration matters, visa extensions, and adjusting to life in Ireland. You can visit their office to seek advice, participate in workshops, and connect with fellow international students who share similar experiences. This dedicated service is readily available to support you throughout your university journey.

Arriving from abroad and need assistance with storing your belongings?

LoveSpace specializes in secure storage solutions designed specifically for students. Whether you need temporary storage for your luggage during vacations or a place to keep extra belongings throughout the academic year, they offer dependable and affordable services.

To discuss your storage needs and make arrangements, you can reach out to them at 01 481 9333 or send an email to

Expert packing tips from LOVESPACE | Unite Students

English for Language Learning and Teaching at Trinity College Dublin provides a diverse array of Academic English language learning opportunities for all students. Through our ongoing research and development in the field of English language learning and teaching, we offer innovative and expert support to enhance your English language skills. We are here to help and address any inquiries you may have.

How can I connect with fellow international students?

Trinity offers an incredibly accessible environment to connect with fellow international students. One of the simplest ways to meet others is through your accommodation. Additionally, engaging with societies provides another avenue to interact with a diverse range of students.

Do I need health insurance as an international student at Trinity College?

Yes, it's the integral part of the international student.

Where can I find support and guidance as an international student at trinity college dublin ?

Student Learning Development offers academic support to all students, regardless of nationality, who are new to Trinity College Dublin and Ireland.

Is chaplaincy available inside the college?

Trinity's Chaplaincy is available to support and serve you during your time at the university. We offer a welcoming environment and are here to provide assistance and a friendly listening ear.