Welcome to the Health Page! Many Surrey students and staff are able to access and register at University Health Centre, located on the Stag Hill campus and is part of the Guildowns Group Practice for health advice and support. Your physical and emotional health is important and looking after them will ensure you get the most out of university life. We provide easy access to health and wellbeing services, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. The staff at the Student Support Centers also offer confidential advice and support when you need it.

Sexual wellbeing matters! Your sexual health is a top priority at University of Surrey.

Like many universities in the United Kingdom, University of Surrey typically provides its students with resources and services related to sexual health. You can drop in at Buryfields Clinic  or any nearby NHS service for consultation regarding your sexual health. The administrations are intended to give data, backing, and care connected with sexual wellbeing and prosperity.

Assume responsibility for your sexual wellbeing and appreciate genuine serenity.For more info click here!

Click here for registration information with the NHS.

Developing mental well-being is a crucial prerequisite for succeeding academically.

Understanding the importance of mental health, University of Surrey has associated with The Safe Haven service in Guildford which is open to anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. It serve as a conduct for enhancing overall health and well-being, bridging the gap until the potential utilization of National Health Service (NHS) services.

You can also call at 0800 915 4644 for any mental health services. Find more information about Surrey's mental health day and other options by visiting Mental Health and Wellness

Take charge of your mental health and enjoy peace of mind.

Looking to stay active and energized?

Surrey Sports Park is the home of student sport at the University of Surrey. Based on Manor Park campus, the £36 million facility offers something for all students, from gym users to elite athletes, social sport enthusiasts to fitness class lovers.

There are over 40 different sports clubs that you can get involved with during your time at the University. Team Surrey offer an array of different memberships with heavily discounted access to the facilities at the Sports Park.

Sign up for your membership.

A nutritious diet is necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle.

There are several eating alternatives at University of Surrey to accommodate your unique dietary needs. Whether you're looking for vegetarian options, vegan substitutes, or healthy meal plans, the on-campus dining facilities are dedicated to encouraging balanced, health-conscious eating. Healthy and balanced food is given priority at the campus cafeterias.

How to register at Centre for Wellbeing

Click here for registration information and the student health website.

East of the Stag Hill campus


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Dental services

At University of Surrey, you can find local dentists using NHS choices or by calling NHS London on +44 (0) 30 0 311 2233. Patients need to be registered with a doctor in order to qualify for NHS dental treatment.

For an emergency dental service call 111.

Is there a medical center on campus?

Yes, University of Surrey has a dedicated medical center called the University Health Centre. It provides comprehensive healthcare services to students, including general medical care, mental health support, and specialist services.

Are there any additional support services for students with disabilities?

University of Surrey has a dedicated Disability Service Team that provides support services for students with disabilities. They can assist with accommodations, accessibility requirements, and other related support. Contact the Accessibility Team for further information or to discuss your specific needs. To ensure a smooth transition to university you can reach email at: disability@surrey.ac.uk.

What are the health services' operating hours?

Every doctor and nurse will have their own operating hours; check your college's website to find them. The University Helath Centre operates typically from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.