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Local Taxi Services



South Yorkshire, England

taxiport | Sheffield Taxi Transfers (@taxiport_) / X


+44 (0)11 4489 8081

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Train Websites

East Midlands Railway

Website link

East Midlands Trains to rebrand as East Midlands Railway ...

East Midlands Railway is a company that manages and runs train services for passengers. They operate trains that connect various cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester to London St Pancras International. 

Additionally, they provide local train services within the East Midlands region. The company is also responsible for maintaining train stations and depots where trains are serviced and repaired. In summary, East Midlands Railway plays a crucial role in facilitating both long-distance and local train travel in the East Midlands area.

For students residing in the city center, cycling is a popular and eco-friendly option.

Students in Sheffield benefit from a bike-friendly environment, featuring designated lanes and pathways. They have access to a range of cycle hire and storage facilities both on campus and throughout the city. Cycling allows them to easily commute to lectures or discover the charming streets of Sheffield, enjoying the scenic views and fresh air.

Russell's Bicycle Shed - E bikes can be seen around Sheffield.

Russell's Bicycle Shed

Exploring Sheffield and beyond is made easy with the extensive bus network.

Buses are a popular and affordable mode of transportation for students. The campus is conveniently served by numerous bus routes, making it simple for students to commute to lectures or explore the city. For students, Weston street, Brook hill, Devonshire street could be more convenient. With regular services and frequent stops, students will find it convenient to navigate their way around Sheffield.

Planning a trip further afield?

Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA), situated at 20 miles distance from the University of Sheffield, serves as a vital gateway connecting students and visitors to the vibrant city of Sheffield and its surrounding regions. Whether students are heading home during the holidays or embarking on an exciting adventure, the airport offers a range of domestic and international flights. Students can enjoy seamless connections to various destinations, allowing them to explore the world while studying at the University.

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Getting around Sheffield is a breeze with well-connected transportation options.

Navigating Sheffield is a breeze thanks to its well-connected and versatile transportation options. The Meadow hall and Sheffield Interchange are key transportation hubs, facilitating easy transfers between various routes. The Sheffield railway station is the main railway station, centrally located and provides easy access to the heart of the city. You can use the map below as a guide for the Sheffield Supertram

File:SheffieldSupertramMap.svg - Wikipedia

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There are no direct trains between Nottingham and London St Pancras this  weekend - Nottinghamshire Live

What train services go through Sheffield?

Sheffield is well-connected by various train services. The main train operators serving the city include East Midlands Railway, Cross Country and Northern Rail. These services provide convenient access to destinations such as Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham and more. For specific routes and schedules, students can check with National Rail Enquiries or the respective train company's official website.

How can I explore Sheffield and nearby areas using buses?

Exploring Sheffield and its neighboring areas using buses offers an accessible and efficient way to uncover the diverse attractions of the city. Sheffield boasts an extensive bus network, making it easy to reach popular destinations like the city center, and the vibrant neighborhoods. As a student at University of Sheffield, you can leverage student discounts and smartcards to keep your travel costs budget-friendly. Students can check with local bus operators or use journey planning apps for real-time bus schedules and routes.

How does the University of Sheffield promote sustainable transportation?

The University of Sheffield is committed to promoting sustainable transportation options. They encourage students, staff and visitors to embrace greener alternatives, such as walking or cycling, to reduce their carbon footprint. The compact nature of the campus makes it feasible for students to walk between buildings, enjoying the beautiful surroundings while staying active and eco-conscious.