Welcome to Queen Mary University of London's Health Services Page! our Student Wellbeing Services is your trusted hub for a wide range of healthcare services. Designed to enhance your student experience, we offer an array of services aimed at promoting your well-being and ensuring you get the most out of your time at London. Our dedicated team of professionals at the Student Wellbeing Services is always available to provide confidential advice and support whenever you require assistance. Your health and welfare are a top priority for us, and we're here to support you throughout your journey at Queen Mary University of London.

Your sexual well-being is of utmost importance! At Queen Mary London, we place a strong emphasis on prioritizing your sexual health.

  • University students should prioritize sexual health to avoid STIs and unplanned pregnancies. Suttons Wharf Health Centre offers contraception advice, emergency contraception, and sexual health consultations. Condoms are accessible through the C-Card scheme for those under 25. STI testing is crucial, with options including drop-in clinics and home testing kits. Local services like All East and Positive East provide additional support, including HIV testing. Safe East conducts monthly drop-in clinics on campus, ensuring easy access to testing and advice for students. Keeping track of clinic dates and utilizing available resources is essential for maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle during university.

Empower yourself by taking control of your sexual health, and experience the peace of mind that comes with it.

Click here for registration information with the NHS.

Maintaining good mental health is an essential cornerstone of achieving academic success.

Queen's Mary University London recognizes the significance of mental well-being and has established the Mental Health Service that includes counselling as well as online support to serve as a vital link between bolstering your overall health and wellness and the point at which access to National Health Service (NHS) resources becomes necessary. You may contact them through call +44(0)20 7882 2756.

Empower yourself to proactively manage your mental health and savor the tranquility it brings.

Looking to stay active and energized?

Queen's Mary University London offers numerous sport facilities.

QMotion Sport and Fitness Centre, operated by the Students' Union at the Mile End campus, offers a diverse range of facilities including a fully-equipped gym, female-only gym, studio spaces, squash court, and sports hall. Members enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and access to free personalized training programs every 6 weeks, along with over 20 weekly group exercise classes like yoga and HIIT. With affordable membership options and no joining fees, QMotion provides exceptional value for fitness enthusiasts. Visit their website to explore their extensive facilities, including weightlifting equipment, squat racks, free weights, resistance machines, and dedicated studios for various fitness activities..

Visit University's Sports and Wellness page for detailed information

Sport at Queen Mary - Queen Mary University of London

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

At Queen Mary University of London, an array of dining options is available to cater to your specific dietary requirements. Whether you're seeking nutritious meal plans, vegetarian selections, or vegan alternatives, the on-campus dining facilities are committed to promoting health-conscious and well-balanced eating choices. The campus cafeterias prioritize healthy and balanced eating.

How to register at University Health Centre!

Click here for registration information and the student health website.

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There are various dental practices near the University like Bupa Dental Care, Wimpole Street Dental Clinic, or Square Mile Dental Centre. NHS dental care can also be a great way for students and staff at Queen's Mary University of London.

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Is there a Health Centre on campus?

Yes, there is a dedicated Health Centre on Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, United Kingdom. It provides comprehensive healthcare services to students, including general medical care. Click here to register and appointments.

What are the operating hours of the University Health Centre?

The Health Centre is open Monday to Friday 09:00 am to 5:00 pm, It's advisable to check their website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information regarding their operating hours. In case of an emergency, you should dial the emergency services number (999 in the UK) for immediate medical assistance.

Are there any additional support services for students with disabilities?

The University provides Disability and Dyslexia Service has a dedicated Accessibility Team that provides support services for students with disabilities. The specialist advisers offer information, advice and support to the current and prospective students. Contact the Accessibility Team for further information or to discuss your specific needs. To ensure a smooth transition to university you can reach through email at: dds@qmul.ac.uk or call +44(0)20 7882 2756.