The Study Zone at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a comprehensive academic support service located at Houghton Street. It provides a wide range of resources, including workshops, tutorials, and dedicated study areas such as Silent study, Quiet study, Group study, and Group study, all designed to enhance the learning experience of students. Whether you require assistance with time management, essay writing, or exam preparation, the Study Zone offers valuable guidance to help you succeed in your studies.

For further information and support, students can visit the Study Zone's office or contact them at +44 20 7405 7686.

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LSE Language Centre

The LSE Language Centre is an institution at the London School of Economics and Political Science that provides language courses and support services to students and staff. It offers a range of language courses and resources to help improve language skills for academic and professional purposes.

University libraries are invaluable assets for students in their academic endeavors.

The LSE Library, located at 10 Portugal Street in London, provides a wide range of resources including an extensive collection of books, journals, and online materials. It serves as a valuable support system for students, offering facilities for research, a quiet study environment, and the opportunity to borrow textbooks. Students can visit the library's website or contact them at 020 7955 7229 to inquire about their opening hours and available services. For further inquiries, they can also reach out via email at

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Need help with specific subject areas?

LSE LIFE study advisers are available to provide guidance on various study-related skills, including reading, note-taking, essay writing, research, exam preparation, and time management who have excelled in their courses, facilitate interactive group sessions designed to enhance understanding and consolidate learning. You can reach out to them by emailing or visiting the LSE LIFE reception on the ground floor of the library. Appointments can be booked through the Student Hub.

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Improve research abilities by participating in workshops and utilizing the resources offered by the university's Researcher Development Program.

The primary goal of the SPRING Researcher Development Programme is to supplement the knowledge and skills that students acquire through their specialized training in their respective departments and disciplines.

This extensive training is designed to enable students to obtain the essential knowledge, confidence, and skills required to pursue research careers that have a meaningful impact and foster collaboration, ultimately contributing to the advancement of society.

How do I find a quiet space to study on campus?

The campus, including the library, tends to be crowded and noisy, even during exam periods. The most effective approach to securing a spot in the library is to arrive early. Prior to 11am, there is usually ample seating available in most areas.

How can I get technical support for IT services at the university?

To get technical support for IT services at LSE, you can reach out to the IT Service Desk via phone, email, or in-person visits. LSE also offers a self-service portal and IT clinics for assistance.

What is the Student Academic Mentor (SAM) programme, and how can I benefit from it

The Student Academic Mentor (SAM) program is an undergraduate initiative that pairs second- and third-year mentors with students from the same department who seek guidance. SAM is a student-to-student mentoring model, designed by students, for students. SAM is a student-led mentoring model created by two Economics undergraduates to assist first-year students in various LSE departments.

Are there group study spaces available on campus?

On the LSE campus, two popular spaces for group study among students are the library and The Centre Building. The library provides a range of study environments, including Silent Study areas and designated Group Study spaces. However, during exam periods, the library can become busy and crowded. On the other hand, The Centre Building offers a quieter and more flexible atmosphere for group study. Both locations have their advantages depending on the level of noise and flexibility desired by students.

What are some of the topics covered in Academic Skills Workshops?

LSE conducts workshops on various topics such as critical thinking, efficient note-taking, and effective exam revision strategies. These workshops, organized by the Academic Skills team, offer practical guidance and advice to support students in their academic endeavors. To stay informed about upcoming workshops, students can refer to the LSE events calendar or get in touch with the Academic Skills Office for further details.