Study resources for University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers the Study Zone, an extensive academic support service situated at King's Building. This resource provides a diverse range of study materials and facilities, including workshops, tutorials, and designated study zones such as Silent study, Quiet study, Group study, and Group study. The Study Zone aims to enhance students' learning experiences and offers valuable assistance in areas such as time management, essay writing, and exam preparation, ensuring their academic success.

New College library | The University of Edinburgh

Learning Centre

The Study and Work Away Service at the University of Edinburgh offers language practice sessions facilitated by native-level students. These sessions aim to improve language skills in a relaxed environment. The service provides language courses and resources for academic and professional purposes. Taking a language as an extra subject in the early years of study is recommended to prepare for a year abroad and enhance the international experience.

University libraries are vital for students' academic pursuits.

The University of Edinburgh boasts several libraries, including the Main Library at King's Building, Art and Architecture Library at Minto House, Edinburgh College of Art Library at Evolution House, and Law Library at Old College, South Bridge, among others. These libraries provide a wealth of resources, such as extensive book collections, journals, and online materials. They serve as invaluable support systems for students, offering research facilities and a peaceful study environment. Students can find information about opening hours and services on the library's website, and any additional inquiries can be directed to +44 (0)13 1651 5151.

Need help with specific subject areas?

Peer Support at the University of Edinburgh is dedicated to delivering personalized resources and assistance to students across diverse academic disciplines. Their comprehensive range of workshops covers various topics, including guidance on crafting dissertation proposals and strategies for effectively using sources to prevent plagiarism. These workshops are meticulously designed to bolster students' academic skills and empower them to excel in their studies.

Peer Tutor Program - Beacon College

Enhance research skills through workshops and university Research Centre resources.

The University consists of 11 Schools encompassing various disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Additionally, there are approximately 80 Centres and Institutes that tackle significant societal and global issues by collaborating across disciplines.

These Centres and Institutes are known for their innovative and prestigious research, often transcending traditional boundaries. Supporting and nurturing these ambitious and successful centers is a top priority, ensuring they have the necessary guidance, governance, and resources to thrive.

Students can explore Edinburgh Research Office or visit their office at Charles Stewart House, 9-16 Chambers Street for help with any research related grants and work.

How can I access the Study Spaces services at the University of Edinburgh?

To gain access between 5pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on weekends, you will need your University card and PIN. If you need to reset your PIN, you can do so in MyEd by visiting the Accounts tab and selecting the Card PIN channel.

Are there group study spaces available on campus?

Certainly, there are lot of study spaces available at the university. One can check for the availability and location at the website.

How can I get technical support for IT services at the university?

For round-the-clock support, the IT Helpline and NorMAN Out-Of-Hours service work together to assist University users. You have the option to reach out to them via telephone +44 (0)13 1651 5151 or by using the online form.