Study resources for University of Cambridge

Access comprehensive academic support through the Cambridge's Study Hub. Available at the South Wing 3, it provides a range of resources, including workshops, tutorials, and study guides, to enhance students' learning experiences. Whether students need help with time management, essay writing, or exam preparation, the Study Spaces offers valuable guidance to excel in their studies. Visit Study Hub at the University of Cambridge to find your ideal study zone. Students can contact +44 (0)12 2333 3000 for more information.

Student in main reading room

The University of Cambridge Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

located at Madingley Hall, provides a centralized platform for accessing course materials, submitting assignments, and engaging in online discussions with lecturers and peers. You can get your Part-time Master's Degree or Undergraduate Certificate/Diploma via Cambridge's VLE. Students can familiarize themselves with VLE to maximize its potential for enhancing your learning experiences. Should students encounter any difficulties, they can contact Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

The university libraries are valuable resources for studies.

The Cambridge University Library, referred as the University Library or "the UL," is the primary research library at the university, serving as the largest and one of the most comprehensive libraries in the UK.

The UL houses 9 million items, part of the university's total of approximately 16 million books across all libraries. Thirty-three faculty and departmental libraries are linked as "Cambridge University Libraries" for central governance. In addition to its extensive collection, the UL provides services like reading rooms, study spaces, and expert librarian assistance for navigating resources.

Need help with specific subject areas?

The Peer Learning provides academic support through student-led study sessions. Cambridge offers great chances for personal learning, especially in small undergraduate study groups led by a supervisor. In Colleges, there's informal peer learning through 'College families,' where senior students act as 'parents' to mentor junior students. Leaders, who have excelled in their courses, facilitate interactive group sessions designed to enhance understanding, consolidate learning and generate feedback.

Explore more about Peer Learning at University of Cambridge for academic success and mental health.

Enhance research skills through workshops and resources provided by the university's Researcher Development Programme.

University of Cambridge is renowned for its research programs and initiatives. The Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning, are the University's central provider for the professional development of PhD students.

University websites typically have dedicated sections for research, graduate studies, and academic programs where you can find information about various research opportunities, funding, and development programs.

Students can visit the Cambridge's Researcher & Development or email for general enquiries.

How can I access the Study Zone services at the University of Cambridge?

Students can conveniently access Study Hub services at South Wing 3. For detailed information about the array of resources, workshops, tutorials, and study guides offered to enhance their learning experience, they can contact the Study Hub at +44 (0)12 2333 3000.

What is the Student Mentor Scheme, and how can I benefit from it?

The Student Mentor Scheme pairs students with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support throughout their university journey encouraging academic excellence, campus connectedness and engagement, personal growth, and professional development. To get involved and benefit from the program, students can contact at +44 (0)12 2333 2343 for more details.

Are there group study spaces available on campus?

Reservations are available for the group study room, accommodating up to 8 people per session, each lasting 2 hours. To secure a booking, only one person from the group needs to reserve a seat on the online booking calendar—indicating the total number in the group. Multiple bookings can be made on the same day, providing flexibility for collaborative study sessions.

How can I get technical support for IT services at the university?

Students can get technical support for IT services by contacting at +44 (0)12 2333 7733 or visiting the University Information Services (UIS) located at the Roger Needham Building.

What are some of the topics covered in Academic Skills Workshops?

Cambridge's offers Academic Skills Workshops covering diverse topics such as writing skills, research methodologies, time management, presentation skills, critical thinking, note-taking techniques, exam preparation, academic integrity, referencing, and numeracy skills. For updated information on University's offer kindly visit Academic skills and career development.