International students at University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge, a prestigious institution established in 1209, beckons international students to embark on a transformative academic journey. Nestled in the historic city of Cambridge, England, this world-renowned university offers a vibrant and inclusive community that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds. With a legacy of academic excellence, Cambridge provides a unique opportunity for international students to engage in cutting-edge research, access a broad spectrum of disciplines, and immerse themselves in a rich cultural tapestry. The picturesque campus, combined with a commitment to fostering global perspectives, makes the University of Cambridge an enticing destination for those seeking a truly enriching and globally-minded educational experience.

International Student

Having reliable health insurance should be a top priority for international students in case of an accident or the need to see a doctor while studying abroad. The university has an on-campus health center, and you should register with it upon your arrival. If you'll be in the UK for over six months, you can access the National Health Service (NHS) like any UK resident, but some medical conditions and repatriation might not be covered, so having health insurance is crucial. If your course is under six months, you'll be treated as a private patient and will have to pay for doctor visits, medication, and hospital treatment, as well as dental and optical care. It's essential to get insurance before your travel to cover these costs.

At the University of Cambridge, there are so many cool societies, sports, and student groups waiting for you to jump in! Connect with fellow international students through a bunch of awesome societies and clubs. There's something for everyone - from music lovers to sports enthusiasts, and those who want to celebrate their home culture. It's not just about joining a group; it's about finding your people and making friendships that'll last a lifetime. Visit Registered Clubs & Societies tp be a part of Cambridge's vibrant community!

Arriving from abroad and need assistance with storing your belongings?

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The INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ADVICE, is your go-to resource for any questions or concerns you may have. They offer guidance on immigration matters, visa extensions, and adapting to life in the UK.

Reach out at or visit their office to seek advice, attend workshops, and connect with other international students facing similar experiences.

The Language Centre provides a comprehensive range of language learning opportunities, catering to both formal and informal contexts. These include participation in the Cambridge University Language Programmes (CULP), engagement with our Academic Development & Training for International Students (ADTIS) programme, and utilization of the resources available at the John Trim Centre for Independent Language Learning. These multifaceted initiatives are designed to offer diverse avenues for language acquisition and proficiency development.

How can I connect with fellow international students?

University of Cambridge offers a wide range of Clubs and Societies that cater to various interests. Joining a club or society related to your interests is a great way to meet both local and international students who share your passions.

Do I need health insurance as an international student at the University of Cambridge?

Yes, it is important for international students to have comprehensive health insurance coverage during their time at the University of Cambridge. It is recommended obtaining health insurance that covers medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and repatriation. Providers like AXA, Allianz, or Bupa offer suitable insurance options for international students.

Are there opportunities to celebrate diversity and share my culture? to celebrate diversity and share my culture?

The University of Cambridge, in alignment with the broader ethos of UK universities, places a high premium on fostering diversity. iverse platforms such as cultural societies, events, international culinary experiences, and the Global Week provide avenues for students to showcase their cultural heritage at the university. To stay abreast of upcoming cultural events and celebrations, it is advisable to regularly check the university's event calendar and monitor its various social media platforms.

Where can I find support and guidance as an international student?

The INTERNATIONAL STUDENT advice is a valuable resource for international students at Cambridge. They offer guidance on immigration matters, visa extensions, and adapting to life in the UK. Visit their office to seek advice, attend workshops, and connect with other international students.

How can I improve my language skills and academic writing?

Cambridge University Language Programmes (CULP) offers a comprehensive academic literacy support for all undergraduate and postgraduate learners. Visit John Trim Centre for Independent Language Learning.

Is there a place for spiritual support and connecting with others of similar beliefs?

Chaplaincy involves offering spiritual support to staff, and in a college-based context within the University, it has traditionally been affiliated with the Anglican faith. However, as other faith groups have become part of the university community, diverse models of chaplaincy have emerged. Additionally, non-collegiate staff can receive chaplaincy support from Great St Mary's, the University Church since the 13th century.

How can I connect with International Student Ambassadors?

 A team of student ambassadors (CAMbassadors) work alongside the CAO Staff to help run events for students at the University of Cambridge. You can get in touch via email at You may visit the provided link to find more.