Welcome to the University of Cambridge Health Hub! Located at Student Services Centre, Bene't Street, the center provides comprehensive healthcare services. The Student Services Center offers confidential advice and support, ensuring your well-being during your academic journey. We are dedicated to enhancing your overall experience at the University of Cambridge, addressing specific health-related aspects for students. For any inquiries or concerns, feel free to reach out—we're here to support you.

Your sexual health matters! At the University of Cambridge, they prioritize your sexual well-being.

  • The University of Cambridge, consistent with the practices of numerous United Kingdom universities, extends sexual health services and resources to its student body. The Sexual Health Clinic, situated at The Lime Tree Clinic on Mill Road, is the designated facility in Cambridge for these services. Ensuring confidentiality, these services are meticulously crafted to furnish information, support, and care pertaining to sexual health and well-being.

Empower yourself by taking control of your sexual health, and experience the peace of mind that comes with it.

Click here for registration information with the NHS.

Mental health is vital for academic success.

The Mental Health Advice Service (MHAS) at The University of Cambridge provides comprehensive mental health & wellbeing support for students at all levels. Qualified experts offer guidance through counseling and consultations with the Harassments, Disability, Mental Health, and Wellbeing team, all at no cost. The university is dedicated to creating a supportive environment, prioritizing students' mental health while optimizing their academic experience.

Seeking to maintain an active and vibrant lifestyle?

The University of Cambridge boasts state-of-the-art sports facilities designed to cater to the diverse needs of its student community. These facilities include multiple sports grounds, gym, as well as courts for various activities. 

The University of Cambridge Sports Service oversees three prominent locations within the city: University of Cambridge Sports Centre, Wilberforce Road Sports Ground, and Fenner's Cricket & Tennis Ground. For comprehensive details on the sporting facilities offered, we encourage you to visit the University of Cambridge's official sports page.

Prioritizing optimal nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

The cafes at the University of Cambridge are a reliable source for nutritious and fresh food options. Offering a variety of Fairtrade coffees and teas, along with a selection of sandwiches, baked goods, and convenient on-the-go snacks, our cafes enhance the university experience. The University of Cambridge is dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that our offerings prioritize healthy and balanced eating for both staff and students, as well as the broader public.

How to register at Student Health Centre!

Click here for registration information and the student health website.

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Bridge Street Medical Centre

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Certain dental practitioners in the UK provide services under the National Health Service (NHS), while others operate on a private care basis. NHS dental care is not entirely free, except for those eligible for health cost assistance; however, charges are subsidized by the NHS. Private treatment typically entails an initial consultation fee, followed by fees for each subsequent course of treatment. It is advisable to verify the costs before consenting to any treatment.

If you need to locate your nearest dentist you can use this NHS online tool to find out where local practices are close to you by clicking here.

Is there a medical centre on campus?

Yes, the University of Cambridge offers a dedicated medical center located at 56 Trumpington Street, known as the Trumpington Street Medical Practice. This facility provides extensive healthcare services to students, encompassing general medical care. To register and schedule appointments, please click here.

What are the operating hours of the University Health Centre?

The practice will be closed during weekends and bank holidays. It's advisable to check their website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information regarding their operating hours. If you have a medical concern that cannot wait until the next appointment, please call between 9am-11am. In case of an emergency, you should dial the emergency services number (999 in the UK) for immediate medical assistance

Are there any additional support services for students with disabilities?

Cambridge's Accessibility and Disability Resources Centre (ADRC) is conveniently located on the ground floor of the Student Services Centre, Bene't Street, just 0.2 miles from the city centre and 1.2 miles from Cambridge train station. The dedicated ADRC Team provides support services for students with disabilities, offering information, advice, and support. For a seamless transition to university, contact them via email at disability@admin.cam.ac.uk or call +44 (0)12 2333 2301. You can visit the provided link to check on their opening hours.

Is there a pharmacy on campus?

You can find pharmacies close to University of Cambridge by clicking the provided link.