Study resources for University of Bristol

Access comprehensive academic support through the University of Bristol Study Spaces, located at Tyndall Ave. They provide a range of resources, including workshops, tutorials, and study guides, to enhance students' learning experiences.

Whether students need help with time management, essay writing, or exam preparation, the Study Spaces offers valuable guidance to excel in their studies.

Students can drop by their office or contact them at +44 (0) 11 7928 8000 for more information.

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University of Bristol's Learning Central

Blackboard is the University of Bristol's primary online learning platform. It offers various tools for communication, collaboration, assessment, feedback, and content management, serving as a virtual learning environment (VLE).

This platform provides an online space for diverse activities that support student learning, making it a central hub for educational interactions and resources, they can contact IT Services at +44 (0)11 7428 2100 for technical support.

The university libraries are valuable resources for studies.

The Arts and Social Sciences Library, located at University of Bristol offers a wide range of resources and services to support academic endeavors across various disciplines, particularly in the arts and social sciences. Whether students need to conduct research, study in a quiet environment, or borrow textbooks, the libraries provide essential support. Students can check their websites for opening hours and other available library services.

Arts and Social Sciences Library | Library | University of Bristol

Need help with specific subject areas?

The Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program provides academic support through student-led study sessions. PASS Leaders, who have excelled in their courses, facilitate interactive group sessions designed to enhance understanding and consolidate learning.

PASS sessions are available for various subjects and modules. Students can reach out to academic department, the Student Union, or the university's academic support services for more information about PASS sessions, schedules, and subject areas covered.

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Enhance research skills through workshops and resources provided by the university's Study Skills Workshops.

The University of Bristol is a leading research institution in the UK, excelling across diverse fields such as healthcare, engineering, social sciences, and cryptography. Renowned for pioneering advancements like reducing cot death and nanotechnology breakthroughs, Bristol consistently ranks highly for research output, securing 5th place in the UK according to the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF). Its distinguished faculty, including 40 Royal Society Fellows and 13 British Academy members, highlights its caliber in producing world-class research. For those eager to delve deeper, resources like Bristol's research homepage, faculty-specific projects, and publications offer valuable insights into their groundbreaking work.

For workshop inquiries, email or contact +44 (0)117 928 9000 to explore available resources and upcoming workshops.

How can I access the Study Spaces services at the University of Bristol?

Students can access the Study Spaces services by visiting their office, located at the campus itself. Additionally, they can contact them at +44(0)11 7928 8000 for more information on the range of resources, workshops, tutorials, and study guides available to enhance their learning experience.

What is the Peer A Mentor Scheme, and how can I benefit from it?

The Peer Assisted Scheme pairs students with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support throughout their university journey. To get involved and benefit from the program, students can visit the university's website or contact the Student Support Office at +44 (0)29 2251 8888 for more details.

Are there group study spaces available on campus?

Yes, the Arts and Social Sciences Library, located at the campus, offers dedicated areas for group work, equipped with modern facilities and technology. Students can collaborate with peers, work on projects, share ideas, and enhance their understanding of course material in these collaborative environments.

How can I get technical support for IT services at the university?

Students can get technical support for IT services by contacting at +44 (0)11 7928 8000 or visiting their office. IT Services provide essential technological resources, including access to computer labs, software programs, and online learning platforms.

What are some of the topics covered in Study Skills Workshops?

Study Skills Workshops cover a range of topics, including critical thinking, effective note-taking, and exam revision strategies. Organized by the university's Study Skills team, these workshops provide practical tips and guidance to help students excel academically. They can check the university's events calendar or contact the Study Skills Office at  +44 (0)11 7928 9000 for information on upcoming workshops.